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Animals of Australia 

Animals of Australia is a place where we can honour our many unique, iconic and endangered birds and animals of this continent. It is also a place to share and learn about our amazing number of land, water and bird animals.

We are very lucky to live here in this amazing land we call Australia.

There are 5 of us here writing articles for “Animals of Australia”, sisters by blood or friendship.

Some of the endangered Animals that we help save are:

  1. Eastern Quoll
  2. Grey Nurse Shark
  3. Sea Lion
  4. Tasmanian Wedge-tailed eagle
  5. Red tailed Black Cockatoo
  6. Tasmanian Devil
  7. Cassowary
  8. Gilbert’s Potoroo
  9. Grey-headed Flying Fox.


Dingo Dog
Indigenous Dingo

 Website Artist for Animals of Australia:

Introducing – Kerrie Thomsen 

The bushland is sacred to me and because of my Aboriginal heritage I have always felt strongly connected to animal and bird life and I actually do feel part of the land on which we live.

My ancestors country or land is in the South East Burnett region or Wide Bay Burnett region which is a small region in Queensland, Australia and includes K’gari (Fraser island).

Map Location

Water animals are very special to our people as is the Dingo.


2013-08-11 09.26.51

My Rocky Dog playing Hide & Seek

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