Sea lions at the beach

Sea Lions at the Beach

My sister Amanda often talks about animals inspiring her poetry by their beauty, action, and qualities.  This poem below titled “Sea today” is about “green lions” and the sea. We hope you enjoy Amanda’s poem and please post a comment as we would really enjoy that!

Sea today

Amanda Jackson (1969 – )

Are you a Green Lion today, with a lot to say

Or a litter of mewling cubs tumbling at play?

Are you muscle and sinew coiled to spring

Flinging foam and sea spray on the wind;

Or do you grow plump, crouch ready to run

Playfully one after the other and lap the sand?

Poem by Amanda Jackson
Green Lion – Sea Today


This poem is inspired by the opening stanza of “Green Lions”

From “Green Lions”

By Douglas Stewart (1913 – 1985)

The bay is gouged by wind,

In jagged hollows green lions crouch

And stretch

And slouch

And sudden with spurting manes and a glitter of haunches

Charge at the shore

And rend the sand and roar.

Green sea lion
Sea Lion – Kangaroo Island


For me; this poem made me think of these beautiful Australian sea lions which are seen in many locations around Australia. What is your take on these green lions?


Animal Dreaming

How we honor and protect our land animals, bird animals and water animals reflects the type of community and nation we live in!

We can all do our bit and a little bit every day!

This is a painting I did of the amazing Wedgetail Eagle. We had one live on our small property for two weeks. After he regained his strength he returned to the skies and hopefully for him, he found a mate.


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