Whip crack sound effect

Whip Crack Sound Effect:

The whip crack sound effect made by Lyrebirds is actually the call of the Whipbird.

I have painted the Whipbird that you can see here in this photo.

This is a timber lazy susan which I have on our dining room table.



Birds 2 & Peace
Whipbird by Kerrie Thomsen

I was inspired to paint the Whipbird which is indigenous to Australia because he is a perching bird we have commonly in our area. I hear them lots but rarely see them.

The Whipbird in “my dreaming” sense is around to encourage me to “get cracking” with life and reminds us that if you aren’t prepared to do what it takes to realize dreams and reach your own potential then no one else will!

The Whipbirds forage in pairs. They are easily recognizably by their white neck stripes, black throat and white tipped tail feathers.

We have 3 species of Whipbird:

Eastern Whipbird, Western Whipbird and Mallee Whipbird.

I hope you like my painting






Spirit Meaning of the Whipbird:

Whipbird asks that you look at your life and check that you are in control. Whipbird primes us to “just know” what needs to be done and how, without being forced or cajoled.

It ensures we truly comprehend the power of the moment; the power that comes from realizing that, with commitment and effort we are destined for a productive future.


By Scott Alexander King




Long Billed Corellas in Queensland!

I found long billed Corellas in Queensland!

It is exciting to find a flock of Long Billed Corellas a long way from their usual territory. It is also special to see in the wild, a species that is not normally widely dispersed and is not a common bird population.

The Corella Family:

The white Little Corella has a pink patch at its beak and yellow under its tail and is well known around Queensland. The Long Billed Corella is found in Victoria and a small coastal area in New South Wales and Queensland’s Gold Coast. The center of main distribution for this species is south-west Victoria.

It was exciting to find a flock of approximately 30 Long Billed Corella, called a “family party”, at Maryborough Queensland this week.

No sulphur yellow
No sulphur yellow

Identifying the Long Billed Corella:

Looking at the front and back view of the Long Billed Corella the important identifying features are:

  • the top part of the beak significantly overhanging the lower beak;
  • the pink colouring around the throat;
  • and a very pale yellow under the tail.

Whilst the Little Corella has a beak with only a slight overhang, no pink at the throat and sulphur yellow markings under the tail.

Notice the long bill
Notice the long bill

They are noisy birds:

These birds are noisy! Their calls are discordant which makes them seem even noisier! They have a high pitched call in flight and a streaking alarm call.

Sentinel warning system:

Corella feed on the ground using their long bills to dig up the roots and bulbs on which they feed. While the main flock feeds on the ground a few remain in the tree to keep lookout and warn of danger. Corellas are about 37cm in size and nest in tree hollows.


It's breeding season
It’s breeding season

Breeding Season:

Breeding time is August to December. Sighting these birds in Maryborough at this time may mean they will breed in this locality. Male and female birds share the incubation of their eggs (usually two). The female sits on the eggs during the night and the male sits during the day for 24 days. The parents then share the care of the hatchlings for 7 weeks in the nest and 3 weeks after they leave the nest.

What an exciting find!

Enjoy and write me back a comment, I would love that!


Spiritual connections between people and animals

Lets talk about spiritual connections between people and animals!

For some this connection is a bond, an interconnection, an alikeness or affinity, or it is a relationship or a deep communion.

What is spiritual connection?

People often ask me what is meant by communion or connection with animals. Like many spiritual concepts it can be clearly understood at a cellular level when you feel it but very hard to explain or describe in words.

I’d like to suggest that if you think of an unusual communication or interaction between animals of the same species or different species or between people and animals then you will find examples.

Here are two that I have caught on film.

Horse & Kitten
Animal communion

This photo captures a moment in the ongoing communication between my small cat and my horse.  The horse was moving her reins around and you can see the cat playing with them. They are doing more than showing interest in each other or sharing space, they are playing and being playful.

This is what I mean by an unusual interaction between very different animals or animal species.


Butchulla woman and dolphin
Communication between a Woman and Dolphins

This photo is of a human animal or person interacting with dolphins and in this case, a mother and her baby dolphin. The mother presented the baby forward for the interaction. The Butchulla woman in the photo and the dolphin are in a totemic relationship.

We love to hear stories of animal communion or spiritual connections between animals or people and animals so if you have one to tell please send us a message.