Koala Marsupial

I have always thought the Koala marsupial was special and cute!

The Koala

(a poem for children)

Am I a Koala or a Bear?

Let me see….

I live in the tree tops to be safe

Munching on the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree

I watch the happenings below

A pretty good life I think you agree!

Sleeping and dozing

Most of the day…

Up in the trees that are my home

and rarely do I get restless or roam!

Do not forget two key facts

The wombat is my curious little cousin

And I am a pouched mammal!

So there it is, I am a Koala not a Bear.


(Poem by Kerrie Thomsen)

Please send a comment if you too enjoy art and poetry as a celebration of our amazing bird and animal life.


2 thoughts on “Koala Marsupial

  1. Kerrie, So beautiful! God is using you and will use you to help others experience the power and transformation of Christ. Can’t wait to see some day how He puts all you have gone through for His glory! Bigger some days are to come! By the way your writing gets better and better, your book is close at hand. Love you! Kathy ________________________________

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