Kookaburra Gum Tree

Kookaburra Gum Tree


I woke up early this morning!

And I am in such a good mood,

‘Cause of what I saw and heard,

From my daybreak buddy, a special bird,

Can you guess why I think he is so good?



I will give you some clues to his looks!

He has a stout and compact body,

Short neck, strong pointed bill and 43cms high,

A white neck band and dark strip running through his eye,

He has blue spotted wings and a white downy feather belly.



How about some of his daily habits,

In the wild he feeds on snakes, insects and lizards,

He will live in pairs or a small group in the gum tree,

He swoops with strong claws, the prey will not get free,

And they nest in hollow tree trunks or excavated termite nests.



This striking bird is truly amazing.

How special is the Kookaburras laughing call?

Heard as they roost in the gum tree tops,

kookaburra gum tree
Large Kingfisher

Throughout Australia they are known as the “bushmans clock”

With a song every day, dusk and dawn, enjoyed by one and all!


Kookaburra Gum Tree is a Poem written by Kerrie Thomsen

July 2015

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