‘Old Man’ Emu

Australian Story tellers like to refer to Emu as Old Man Emu!

Something about the emu does seem old and wise. Emu’s are large standing birds up to 2 meters and with feathers that are brown and droop down they blend well into the grassland.

"Old Man" Emu
“Old Man” Emu

Emu’s habitat covers much of the Australian continent. Emus make a distinctive deep drumming sound. The male cares for the nest and hatchlings which stay with him for some time. Hatchlings have dark brown to black body stripes. As the hatchings grow these markings fade into the same colouring as their parents as you can see in the photo below.

Emu with large chicks
Emu with large chicks

This male bird was trying to conceal himself from me in an old bush (see the picture below). A Male has blue colouring from side of head down the neck. Female’s head are black. Both of the emus in my pictures are male. Click on the picture and it will enlarge so you can see more detail and the blue marking.

Emu looking for cover
Emu looking for cover

Emus may be solitary in a small group or a large flock. One day I hope to seeing a flock of these birds running.


By Amanda Jackson

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