Save Wild Brumbies

Organisations that Save the Wild Brumbies:


This group of dedicated people are in Bellingen, NSW. They are dedicated to protecting these wild horses into the future and saving individual brumby horses today through adoption programs, sponsorship and donations.

This Hunter Valley Association in NSW aims to provide refuge, rehabilitation to brumbies and education to all people. They are based on a sanctuary in the Hunter Valley but work tirelessly australia wide with the government for the protection of all wild Australian horses. They have an adoption program that they have been running for years.

People who love brumbies.


Murray Willaton as president of the Barmah Brumby Preservation Group aims to protect brumbies in the Barmah forest.

Government policy to “eradicate” barmah heritage brumbies is being fought in the Barmah Forest region along the Murray river of northern Victoria by this preservation group. They are a group worthy of support in my opinion. They work closely with the Bangerang Peoples – the traditional owners of this land.

This couple from the Ballarat area save brumbies from Kosciuszko National Park and train them. They also teach through classes and lessons how to look after, horsemanship skills and how to ride horses. They have a philosophy of horse training with conscience. A philosophy we admire very much!


All of these organisations and websites are helping our Australian Brumby Horses and our environment.

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4 thoughts on “Save Wild Brumbies

  1. Those procullers who claim to be brumby lovers are clearly not so.This is purely politically motivated by self oppionated individuals.Brumbies are an Australian icon and must be allowed to run free as is presently the case.

      1. Hi Cat, no I’m afraid that won’t be possible for us sorry, however if you take a look at our directory page from the tabs above you’ll find quite a few organisations in Victoria who I’m sure would be great to interview for your report. If your story is focused on thoroughbreds then there are organisations that focus purely on rehoming them after racing, and you can find links to them on the Thoroughbreds page (link in right sidebar or under Resources tab).The other types of rescue and welfare orgs who do rehoming (eg. Quest Equine Welfare, Project Hope Horse Welfare, Triple R Equine Welfare, Pony Rescues) will also be able to talk about thoroughbreds in the context of horse welfare for all types of horses, as they are one of the most common breeds that come through rescues. Thank you for covering this issue, we will certainly keep an eye out for the story so we can share it with our Facebook and Twitter pages. Cheers.

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