Say Hi to Willy Wagtail

Say “Hi” to Willy Wagtail

This fellow and a few of his friends were caught in a summer shower but seemed to be very happy and posed for me!

Happy Willy Wagtail


I would love him to show his tail fan.

This lovely little bird (about 20 cm) makes me feel very happy.

They flit around and sing a musical song.

Though they also have a scolding voice and an alarm call if they need them.

Their tail fans beautifully and when they land or stand they fan their tail and sway or wag it as if they think their tail is lovely too.

Everything about them is energetic and fun.

Willie Wagtails are found throughout Australia’s mainland and parts of Tasmania.





By Amanda Jackson



2 thoughts on “Say Hi to Willy Wagtail

  1. Love your little bird egg. I absolutely love the birds in Australia (well in fact all the wildlife minus the dodgy ones eg crocs, sharks etc) I keep parrots here in chilly Europe, so it was surreal the first time I went to visit my in laws and there were wild parrots flying around in the city!

    1. hey Dev

      great to hear from you
      we are very lucky with our bird life in Australia that is for sure!!!


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