A baby Koala hitches Ride

A baby Koala hitches a Ride!

I paint in Acrylic on Canvas

I am not only inspired by nature and my aboriginal heritage with painting but also I enjoy art works in the mosaic and collage arena.

You will see this influence in my painting.

I love to create my images through multiple layering of the acrylic paints in various colours. This painting is created with a minimum of 7 paint layers and up to 12 layers in certain sections.

I have a tendency to create a range of depth perceptions in each art work.

I also depict a strong bond between Mother and Baby Koala with this painting and I feature the wonderful colours of gum leaves and the Australian bush.

Koala – means drink no water in Aboriginal language


Koala Spirit:

Offering compassion and kindness means it is returned to you tenfold in ways that perhaps will not be known to you easily at this time!






Koala Marsupial

I have always thought the Koala marsupial was special and cute!

The Koala

(a poem for children)

Am I a Koala or a Bear?

Let me see….

I live in the tree tops to be safe

Munching on the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree

I watch the happenings below

A pretty good life I think you agree!

Sleeping and dozing

Most of the day…

Up in the trees that are my home

and rarely do I get restless or roam!

Do not forget two key facts

The wombat is my curious little cousin

And I am a pouched mammal!

So there it is, I am a Koala not a Bear.


(Poem by Kerrie Thomsen)

Please send a comment if you too enjoy art and poetry as a celebration of our amazing bird and animal life.