Clumping in the bird world

These birds are White-breasted Woodswallows clumping in the winter sun on a branch on the banks of Bungeworgorai Creek Queensland, Australia.

IMG_5966 (2)

Clumping is the animal behaviourists’ term for cuddling behaviour in birds. These guys are really packed in together. The white chests show on the birds to the left and the white rumps on the rest. Bird watchers say these white features gleam in the sun.

See how bright their blue beaks are. Their beaks are tipped with black. Darker feathers around their eyes make them stand out. These birds are widespread in eastern Australia.

By Amanda Jackson

Poem about Birds in Flight

Poem about Birds in Flight


Amanda Jackson (1969 – )


Fly little bird

Soar with open wings

Dive and swoop, then rest

Flit, sunbathe, and nest

No ring on your ankle

No chain

Fly little bird

Soar with open wings


Great Galah
magnificent grey and pink galah


Black Cockatoo
Dramatic colours of the Yellow tailed black cockatoo

Birds in Flight – I am jealous!