Red Winged Parrot

Red Winged Parrot

Just a few short weeks ago I caught this male red-winged parrot on camera near Roma Queensland. I had not seen this bird before!

A brilliant coloured bird

The males have a brilliant light greed head, neck and underparts and bottle green back, wings and tail. Can you see his orange bill?

Male Red-Winged Parrot
Male Red-Winged Parrot (front view)

The males also have a deep blue lower back and rump as well as a large scarlet shoulder patch.

A beautifully coloured bird
A beautifully coloured bird

Females and juvenile Red-Winged Parrots are a uniform mid-green colour with a dash of colour shown via a small scarlet shoulder patch.


These birds live in the sub-tropical northern regions of Australia and also the semi-arid regions of Queensland and New South Wales.

I spotted this bird in a semi-arid region of Queensland.


These birds have a strong, fast and rocking style of flight. He was certainly hard to photograph in flight – here is my best shot.

Male Red-Winged Parrot in flight
Male Red-Winged Parrot in flight

I would love to hear what you think of this parrot or your own favourite Parrot.

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