The Beautiful Australian White Ibis

The beautiful Australian White Ibis is also known as the “Sacred Ibis” and the “Dump Chook.”

The sacred ibis
With the majesty and peacefulness of the Australian White Ibis flying against that perfect sky it is no wonder it is known as the Sacred Ibis.

Sacred Ibis
Sacred Ibis
Australian White Ibis
Australian White Ibis

How the Australian White Ibis got the name dump chook?

The influence of man has meant in some locations these birds rely on refuse dumps as a food source – and they have been given the derogatory name “Dump Chook.”

Dump Chook
Dump Chook

Distinctive characteristics of the Australian White Ibis
The call of this beautiful bird is a series of croaks. Notice the red naked skin which shows under the wing along to the breast. Ibis are social and will usually be with other ibis.

Where can the Australian White Ibis be found?
Australian White Ibis can be found throughout Australia except the most arid parts of Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern territory.
By Amanda Jackson

PS ‘Chook’ is Australian slang for chicken or hen

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  1. Hi Stephanie,How special for you to have been lucky euongh to see an African Sacred Ibis in person. Did you know that Ancient Egyptians considered them to be winged serpents?Hanna

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