The Night Parrot Lives

The Night Parrot Lives!

The Night Parrot has been found after 100 years!

Until 1979 “No living ornithologist has reported seeing the night parrot in the wild” accordingly there was virtually no hope that a Night Parrot would ever be seen again. There were no sightings from 1912 to 1979. From 1979 there were a few sightings including the discovery of a dead bird in 1990.

Then in 2013, John Young discovered birds likely to be Night Parrots. He used sound recording taken at night to assist him to find sites to investigate.

Finally, now in 2015 it has been publicly confirmed the night parrot lives.

Queensland and the world celebrated a small colony having been found living in grassland in remote western Queensland. The land has been secured to protect the birds from feral dogs and cats. Scientists are at work to learn and do everything they can to protect and increase the population of this species.

night parrot

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Extinct Night Parrot?

This is a tribute to the resilience of life.

The story of the Night Parrot is amazing and thrilling. This tough little parrot has survived for so long despite the threats to its survival. The Night Parrot has remained undiscovered despite all the professionals and bird watchers searching for them.

Perhaps another species presumed extinct will be found.

EXTINCT is such a terrible and final outcome. In my life time 4 amphibians, 1 reptile and 2 invertebrates have become extinct in Australia and 1 presumed extinct bird has been found to survive.

This story gives me such hope that the Paradise Parrot and the Tasmania Tiger survival instincts have them hunkered down in a small survival number as remote as they can take themselves.

Tell me more about the NIGHT PARROT:

The Aboriginal name is Myrrlumbing after one of its calls. The Night Parrot is also called the Spinifex Parrot because of where it lives and the Night Parakeet because it is nocturnal.

The Night Parrot is most similar to the Swamp Parrot/Ground Parrot but they live in different habitats. The Night Parrot lives in the arid and semi-arid zones preferring saltbush and spinifex cover. These birds are Ground Dwellers which makes them highly vulnerable to threat from feral cats, foxes and dogs. Flight is low for short distance. The bird prefers to run for cover. This parrot prefers green food and has a harsh voice. It builds a crude nest under spinifex.

These birds are thick-set with short tails. They have green-yellow streaked plumage and yellow underbellies.

Until 2013-2015 only two first hand accounts of this bird was published. Some information has been reported in 1868, 1870 and 1883. That is all we had until now!


Tips on How to help declining and endangered species?

1 familiarize yourself with the species and its habit
2 observe carefully every chance you get
3 take a note of exactly where you are and what you see and find
4 report anything you might see to this website and to the National Parks and Wildlife authority for the State you are in.

If you have any wildlife conservation issues that concern you please let us know.

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